Here at HS Wig Centre we stock classic and fashion wigs. If you are currently receiving or recovering from chemotherapy, alopecia or hair-thinning, or you just want a change of look, we stock a wig to suit you.

Our team will help you choose a style, colour and correct fit and our stylists can tailor the wig to your requirements. We also advise on care and maintenance.

The wig room is a private, comfortable space above the hair salon. To ensure you get adequate time an appointment is necessary for a consultation. However you are welcome to call in and view the collection any time. There is no obligation or pressure to make a quick decision.


Hair Restoration Blackrock “HRBR” is made up of an international team of hair restoration and hair loss specialists dedicated to providing the best possible solution to your hair loss problem. At HRBR we know that the symptoms of hair loss differ significantly from person to person. And as such HRBR recognises the unique needs of each individual patient

HRBR has worked with Hatim Shweiki for a number of years and share his passion and interest in his client’s hair loss needs and concerns. Many of HRBR’s patients have benefited from his expertise in hair care and we are happy to continue to refer patients to him.

Deja Vu Hair Designs

Hatim and his team of colourist and stylists have established Deja Vu as a salon renowned for excellence in all aspects of hair care.

Open 6 days, Monday - Saturday 9am to 6pm, Thursday until 8pm