About Us

Hatim Shweiki Profile PictureOriginally from Jerusalem, I moved to England in 1983 where I trained in all aspects of hairdressing, acquired extensive knowledge and broadened my interest and outlook to achieve the highest level of skills. Moving to Ireland I established Deja Vu Hair Design in 1994, and quickly established a large local and national client base. I always had an interest in wigs from a fashion perspective, but it was only in 2000 when a friend was diagnosed with cancer that I became involved with wigs for chemotherapy patients.

My clients are comfortable with my suggestions because I know their hair and ultimately what they hope to acheive when regrowth begins. It is a sensitive area not only because of the client’s image but also their loss of confidence. This was my inspiration – to make a positive difference at a time when life is difficult.


To consolidate my knowledge of all aspects of hair care and professional products with the solutions available for hair thinning. The primary aim would be to access the problem as soon as it presents so that a satisfactory outcome is achievable. Treatment will vary from recommending products for maintaining healthy hair, treating the first signs of hair thinning or arranging a consultation/referral to a Hair Transplant Clinic.


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