Is there any itchiness or irritation with wearing the wigs?

We provide a wig cap that is worn underneath the wig and protects the scalp from itchiness and irritation.

Can you make wigs look natural/close to real hair?

Yes we can.  Through personal consultation, choice of colour and cutting/styling we can ensure that your wig looks as close as possible to your original hair.

Will the wig blow away in the wind?

Yes it can, however we have developed our own simple method that ensures the wig fits your head neatly whilst preventing the risk of the wig being blown off by wind.

How do I maintain/wash the wig?

The synthetic wigs require less maintenance and are usually in a permanent style.  The natural hair pieces can be shampooed as normal with specialised products that we stock.  The styling in both synthetic and natural hair pieces will remain after washing.  After washing, the wig is placed on it’s stand and left to dry naturally.

How do I brush/style the wig?

Natural hair can be re-styled, blow-dried, straightened etc. – everything you can do with real hair.  The synthetic hair wigs have a permanent style, and we provide the correct brushes for brushing and maintaining them.

Can I cut the wig?

As with natural hair, you can cut your natural hair piece.  The synthetic wigs can be altered to a certain extent, this depends on the style and length of each wig.  During your consultation this will be explained.

When my hair starts to grow, what are my options (colouring/styling)?

As your hair grows, we will monitor the regrowth colour and texture.  Each person’s regrowth is unique to the individual and we will come up with a solution based on the advice of your consultant/doctor.

Is there any alternatives to wigs?

We have a range of accessories including turbans, scarfs, night-caps and some less formal pieces for everyday activities.