Hair Loss & Restoration

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Hair Loss Explained

Many people experience hair loss or thinning at some stage of their lives.  This is due to many factors and can cause a lot of stress to the individual.  Undergoing chemotherapy often causes hair loss but so too does hormonal imbalances, stress and underlying health problems.  Your condition does not need to be extreme in order to consult us.  Hair loss is distressing for men and women regardless of the causes and there are solutions to this problem.


Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss and it presents in a variety of ways.  Areata alopecia causes sudden patches of hair loss from the scalp and body.  Hair loss due to restrictive or tight hair styles is known as traction alopecia.  Totalis alopecia is the result of untreated areata alopecia and can cause complete baldness.  Losing hair from the entire body is known as universalis alopecia and is similar to the effects of chemotherapy.

Hair Thinning

Men and women experience thinning of the hair, which is often a gradual process.  It is characterised in men by a reclining hairline at the temples and balding at the top of the head.  Women experience it slightly differently with hair thinning at the front, sides or crow.  Women rarely undergo complete baldness.

Benefits of early consultation

It is wise to consult your specialised hairstylist as early as possible in order to discuss your options and decide upon the best treatment for you.  We are acutely aware of how stressful taking this first step can be and as professionals, we can provide solutions that will help your situation.  Early consultation means that we can assess your hair, talk about your condition and decide upon a course of treatment.

Types of treatments available

We tailor each treatment to the needs of the individual.  The range of treatments used vary from non-prescription, creams, medication and coritsane injections.  Surgical  hair transplantation is also available.  If you decide to wear a wig you can choose one which is similar to your own hair or you may decide to go for something different.